Biffy Token

The token that promises nothing and delivers it instantly!™

The first premium Biffy Token is here – Biffy Gold! If you've done all the steps to get the original Biffy Token, then these steps won't be nearly as confusing.

  1. Click on "HRC Token" in the wallet, found on the left hand side.
  2. Click on "Add Token."
  3. On the Contract Address line (on the right hand side), paste in the following contract address:
  4. The contract info should appear. Biffy Gold (Symbol: BIFG).
  5. Pick an htmlcoin address from the drop down.
  6. Click Confirm. Congrats! :P
  7. Oh, I bet you want some BIFG now, right? Send me the htmlcoin address associated with the token.
  8. What? Where can you find me? Here or here.

Now that you have BIFG, here are some extra details.

  • BIFG has an autopay token address – HnV9AthsnbJnGSdKpgXAvgU3Ce9jPC3bkE
    If you send ONE BIFG token to this address, that address will send however many BIFG tokens its currently holding to you.
    1. Send htmlcoin from yourself to yourself. Specifically, send htmlcoin to the address you tied to BIFG. Why? Tokens require gas for transactions, so you won't be able to send a token if you have no gas. Htmlcoin, in this instance, is the gas. 50 htmlcoins should suffice.
    2. Click on "HRC Token" on the left again. Directly under that, click on Send.
    3. Click on BIFG in your token list.
    4. Pay BIFG to: HnV9AthsnbJnGSdKpgXAvgU3Ce9jPC3bkE
    5. Amount: 1 (Yup, just 1)
    6. If that address has any balance, it's all yours. In fact, it won't even take your 1. It'll just pay you. If it doesn't have a balance, you've given it 1 whole token. In theory, you could send 1 again and get your 1 back. This allows anyone to throw tokens into it and/or attempt to get tokens out of it.