Biffy Token

The token that promises nothing and delivers it instantly!™

The second premium Biffy Token is here – Biffy Diamond! If you've done all the steps to get the original Biffy Token, then these steps won't be nearly as confusing.

  1. Click on "HRC Token" in the wallet, found on the left hand side.
  2. Click on "Add Token."
  3. On the Contract Address line (on the right hand side), paste in the following contract address:
  4. The contract info should appear. Biffy Diamond (Symbol: BIFD).
  5. Pick an htmlcoin address from the drop down.
  6. Click Confirm. Congrats! :P
  7. Oh, I bet you want some BIFD now, right? Send me the htmlcoin address associated with the token.
  8. What? Where can you find me? Here or here.

Now that you have BIFD, here are some extra details.

  • "Up for grabs" (HnV9AthsnbJnGSdKpgXAvgU3Ce9jPC3bkE) – When this address has a balance, you can get the balance by sending 1 BIFD token to it. Instead of spending the 1 token, the contract pays you whatever balance that address has. If it has 0, it will take your 1 token. If you want that 1 token back, simply send 1 token again. Simple. Typically, I am the one who adds a balance to this, so it's kind of like a "first come, first serve airdrop."
  • "Mini-airdrop" (Hp85CCQrk1itdjVwMRTAhUkZkznczSGzxs) – This is a "mini-airdrop" address. Perhaps it's a "pseudo-mining" address. Call it what you will but here's how it works. The more tokens you send to the address, the more you can potentially get. It's a random number every time and the amount is typically in "McFly" amounts (1 McFly == 1 Satoshi, got it?). This address pays you when you send tokens to it, so you never actually spend them.