Biffy Token

The token that promises nothing and delivers it instantly!™

BIFP is here! Instructions updated slightly.

  1. Click on "HRC Token" in the wallet, found on the left hand side.
  2. Click on "Add Token."
  3. On the Contract Address line (on the right hand side), paste in the following contract address:
  4. The contract info should appear. (Symbol: BIFP).
  5. Pick an htmlcoin address from the drop down. Be sure to remember which address you used.
  6. Click Confirm. Congrats!

Setting up function interactions...

  • Click on the "Smart Contracts" tab.
  • Click on "Send To" or "Call." Either one is ok, because you can set up the interface in either place.
  • In the "Contract Address" box, enter 6de5afa19ca3e23987abccbe1a8498740c0fedd0.
  • Click on the third icon next to the contract box (Save Contract Info).
  • When the little window opens, put BIFP into the "label" box.
  • After clicking the copy button above, go into the Interface (ABI) space and paste.
  • Finally, click OK to save the interface.
  • Next, above I mentioned to remember which htmlcoin address you associated with the contract. Using the normal wallet ability to send htmlcoins to someone, send 200 - 500 htmlcoin to yourself, to that address, specifically. Why? Functions that DO stuff require some amount of gas (htmlcoin transaction fees).

Now, let's talk functions.

  • Click on Send To, which is under Smart Contracts. I'm fairly certain the few functions required on the desktop wallet reside here instead of Call, so:
    • Click on the first little icon to the right of the Contract Address field. Yes, you're doing this again.
    • When the window opens, find the BIFP entry you created earlier and double-click it.
    • Now you should have functions in the drop-down in the middle of the window.
    • buyTokens – After selecting this from the drop down, put in the amount of htmlcoins you want to spend at the bottom, where it says Amount. As of this writing, 1 token is 1 htmlcoin, but that is subject to change.
      Be sure to choose the SAME htmlcoin address you used when setting up the contract.
    • buyTokensFrom – This is a similar function and, while it does work, would have been better in AWP, but sending htmlcoins to a contract via AWP isn't functional yet. You have to enter the htmlcoin amount that you want to send and the seller's address. The catch? You need to enter the hex version of the address. Go here to put in an htmlcoin address and get the converted address. No, it's not an intuitive function, presently, but you can do it. As a side note, it's very easy to set up a sale in AWP.
      Be sure to choose the SAME htmlcoin address you used when setting up the contract.
    • BIFP_addToHtmlPrize – Want to add to htmlcoin's lottery? That's very nice of you. Choose this function and enter the amount you're willing to donate.
    • All other user-functions reside in AWP.