Biffy Token

The token that promises nothing and delivers it instantly!™

Welcome to the Biffy Token website! Exciting, isn't it? Let's jump right into it and go over how to get some free Biffy Token. Ready?

  1. Get the htmlcoin wallet.
  2. Enable Log Events.
    • On Mac: Go to the HTMLCOIN CORE menu → Preferences → Check Enable log events. Click OK.
    • On Windows: Go to Settings → Options → Check Enable log events. Click OK.
    • You will need to close and reopen the wallet for this to take effect. The wallet will reindex itself and may take a little while (from 15-60 minutes).
  3. Click on "HRC Token" in the wallet, found on the left hand side.
  4. Click on "Add Token."
  5. On the Contract Address line (on the right hand side), paste in the following contract address:
  6. The contract info should appear. Biffy Token (Symbol: BIFF).
  7. Pick an htmlcoin address from the drop down.
  8. Click Confirm. Congrats! :P
  9. Oh, I bet you want some BIFF now, right? Send me the htmlcoin address associated with the token.
  10. What? Where can you find me? Here or here.